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An Insider Secret For Better Marketing Content

Most amateur marketing writers (as well as inexperienced copywriters) make a serious mistake when developing marketing content.

It's a mistake that happens right at the beginning of the content which is a significant problem. If you're not offering a solid 'hook' right away, you'll lose many readers. And if they give up on your copy before getting into it, you won't be able to convince them to act.

So what's the mistake?

Renowned copywriter Drayton Bird called it 'clearing your throat'. It means there's 'fluff' before the important idea you should be focusing on right away.

When I'm editing copy, I'm usually able to cut at least a sentence or two at the very beginning of the content.

So in most copy, there's too much hemming and hawing at the start instead of the real meat and potatoes.

There are a few reasons I believe this happens:

1.) Inexperienced writers are not as ruthless in their editing as they should be.

2.) People are SCARED TO SELL and dance around the point. It isn't a conscious decision, just something people do.

3.) A lot of people don't understand how to sell with writing. They can often speak with and sell a customer in person but are lost when they try to convince with the written word.

Anyway, the insider's secret is simple but will have a really powerful effect on the results you'll get from your writing.

It's fine to write as much as you want. That's how I and many other experienced copywriters do it. I get it all down.

But after I write, I review and cut. Then I step back and let things marinate. Then I look again and keep cutting until the important points are made with the minimum number of words.

Editing is what separates the pros from everyone else.

And editing the beginning of your copy is most critical because you need to draw a reader in to your story or you haven't got a prayer.

If you've found this post relevant, I offer a service called a Copy Audit which may interest you.

I review your existing copy and offer specific recommendations for improvement... from the headline through the call to action and everything in between. If you'd like to learn more Click Here.

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