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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

Email Copywriter Delivers Marketing Emails, Autoresponders And E-Newsletters That Get Results 

If you want to communicate with your customers or prospects regularly, build more credibility and improve relationships with your audience and get a great ROI on your marketing investment, my email copywriting service is for you.

Over the past few years I’ve written over 300 marketing emails for clients – this includes simple one-off communications as well as complex multi-step email campaigns.


The results have been very good:

From increasing month-over-month sales by 30% with one email to significantly (and consistently) improving open and clickthrough rates so my clients gain a more engaged, action-oriented audience - email makes a substantial difference in bottom-line business results.

I understand the entire process of effective email development from start to finish.

Starting with Subject Lines that compel an open, to persuasive body copy through calls to action that drive clicks and sales.

You’ll also be working with an email copywriter who’s paired with one of the smartest email marketers in Canada and understands what works and doesn’t in terms of deliverability, legal regulations, avoiding the SPAM folder, list segmentation and design.


Here Are Some Specific Ways I can Help Your Business With Email Marketing:

  • More High-Quality Leads

  • Increased Sales (Immediately And Over Time)

  • A Better Relationship With Your Audience

  • Reactivate Dormant Customers

  • Build Credibility In Your Market

So whether you need one email, a series of communications or a regular newsletter, get in touch today by sending an email to today!

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