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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

A Powerful, Easy-To-Follow Blueprint For DIY Copywriting


If you already have marketing content but it isn’t getting the results you’d hoped for – or if you aren’t quite sure if it’s as good as it can be – my Copy Audit will be a great help.


I’ll review your material – website, ad, email, brochure etc. – and give you specific and concrete recommendations on how to improve it.


Every element of your content, from the headline to the call to action is put under the microscope to make certain it’s working as hard as it can for you based on copywriting best practices.


When you hire me to conduct a copy audit, I don’t do the actual writing, but I do give you precise instructions about how to make your content work more effectively so you achieve your marketing goals.


This is a deep dive into your material based on all of the techniques I’ve learned during my career – it’s like having me sitting beside you, personally helping you write content that will have a significant impact on your marketing (and business) results.


In some cases, you may discover a few simple tweaks make a massive difference…


In others, major revisions may be needed – but you’ll have an easy-to-follow blueprint in hand that will help you get from beginning to end quickly and easily.


This is also a great way of ‘testing’ my service, the cost of a copy audit is very reasonable by any measure and gives you an inside view of how I write copy that sells.


Contact me at and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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