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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

A Reliable, Experienced Freelance Copywriter Delivering Quality Content For You And Your Clients

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced freelance copywriter in Toronto who develops effective content for your clients in digital and print, I can help.

With ten years of experience working in-house and alongside marketing and advertising agencies as a copywriter I understand how to operate as a helpful extension of your team.

I’ll also represent your agency professionally if discussions or meetings with your clients are needed.

When you work with a freelancer, you want someone who makes your life easier and provides high-quality work on time, can adapt writing-style to match any brand and charges fair rates.

What separates me from many other copywriters?

My approach is based on proven and tested techniques that result in real-world, bottom-line results for your clients. So if they want to generate new leads, convert sales at a higher rate, reactivate dormant customers or improve marketing metrics like open-rates, clickthroughs or traffic I understand how to deliver.


If you’d like to speak about a specific project or want to learn if we’d be a good fit, email me today at

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