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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

Copywriting Client Results & Some Recent Marketing Successes

My primary goal when working with you is to get results you can measure – in new leads, market engagement and bottom-line profits.

Here are some of the results I’ve achieved for clients like you:

178% increase in monthly sales compared to the previous four years.

Doubled leads with one direct mail piece – jumped from 200 to 400.

Increased campaign leads 2000% year-over-year, adding $1.9 Million to the corporate bottom-line.

Sold $4.1 Million consumer products in one day, the largest single-sales figure in 15 years of online selling for the company.

Wrote an omnichannel campaign so well received by the market, my client created a new company department to handle the increased business.

Responsible for over two-dozen marketing campaigns generating between $500,000 and $2,000,000+.

Sales letter generated a 6% response rate and revenue of $258 for every campaign dollar spent.

Generated a 21% increase in revenue with a single email for a $314,000 bump.


An email campaign drove over 50% of recipients to open and read month after month – creating hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Wrote an updated landing page and added $1.6 million in revenue compared to an identical promotion for the same product run the year before.

I can’t guarantee these results for your company – though I’ll certainly give it my all – but by using proven copywriting techniques and an understanding of the psychology of why people buy, you’ll be well positioned to improve the results you’re getting right now.


As I mentioned above, my goal is to help your business get concrete results from your marketing – email to see how I can help you get more customers.


My email address is – get in touch today.

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