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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

Freelance Content Marketing Writer Who Grows Your Audience, Keeps Them Loyal And Gets The Sale


Did you hear about a recent study showing 60% of the buying process is complete for a B2B prospect before they ever contact a company?


And I suspect this figure is even higher for B2C.


People are going online, researching and making up their minds about who to do business with before picking up a phone or sending an email inquiry.


The problem is many good companies never even have a chance because they aren’t offering information people need to make a buying decision in their favourThe solution is content marketing.


Content marketing gives you the opportunity to:


  • Demonstrate your authority and expertise in your field.

  • Become a trusted advisor by providing valuable information.

  • Create a connection with prospects with ‘no obligation’ advice.

  • Sell without selling. By setting yourself up as a go-to source for information, prospects will be much more likely to select your company when the time comes.

  • Improve your SEO and social media presence.


Simply put, content marketing answers the questions prospects have while in the discovery phase so they will choose your company when it’s time to buy.


What Does Content Marketing Include?


Content marketing fills the gap between traditional marketing and a sale.


Think blog posts, articles, case studies, email newsletters, podcasts, infographics, expert interviews and so on. Social media is used to transmit your content to the masses and gain buy-in and loyalty.


The key to successful content marketing is consistency over time. You’ve got to deliver information regularly to earn the benefits. Writing a blog post every six months doesn’t cut it.


I build a complete content marketing strategy that includes determining where you are now, where you want to be and a roadmap outlining how you’ll get there.


Of course it goes beyond strategy, I also provide content writing services in the areas I outlined above.


To find out more, including content marketing package pricing, send an email to

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