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Copy That Sells

An Effective & Reliable Freelance Copywriter 'On-Call' For Your Business.

SEO Copywriter Develops Optimized Copy That Persuades Your Prospects And Works For Search Engines

SEO copywriting boosts your chances of being discovered by prospects on major search engines like Google because it helps your website secure a good ‘digital location’ so you get more visitors.


Just like in the ‘real world’, a good location on the Internet instantly translates into more business.

Search engine optimization has changed a lot – just over the past year – and it will undoubtedly change again.


Long gone are the days where you could write low-quality content and ‘stuff’ a keyword to get a high rank.


The winners today offer three things:


  • Well-researched and detailed content that shows authority on a topic.

  • The content is interesting, informative and it’s written for people AND search engines.

  • Uses keywords strategically and naturally.

Search engines aim to give online users a relevant experience.They want to make sure that the most valuable information is presented first – so searchers get what they need and avoid wasting time on low-quality websites that don’t inform or educate.


It follows that if you have solid optimized content providing relevant information you will be considered an asset by search engines and your rank will reflect it.


My SEO copywriting services provide the technical fundamentals that search engines value with the added benefit of persuasive content that converts your new visitors into leads.


It’s nice to have a good ranking and lots of traffic – but it’s wonderful to have a website that ranks well AND compels people to buy or inquire.


Email me now at – there is never any cost for a quote or initial consultation.

If you want to know what you can expect from my online copywriting services outside of SEO, visit the page where I explain what I do as a Website Copywriter.

How Do You Get The Best R.O.I. From SEO Writing Services?

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