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Is Your Marketing Going To Fail?

Quick post about my philosophy on how fast to launch a marketing campaign and how to tell if it's going to fail or succeed.

Bottom Line: I always try to get marketing out the door as fast as possible.

I don't worry about getting it 'perfect'.

I don't overthink it.

I don't let it sit around.

I just put my head down, write the copy, revise it as well as I can. Once I start thinking about tweaking tiny elements I stop and I launch.


Because ultimately, you have no idea if your campaign is going to kill or flop until it's sent to market where real customers act... or don't.

So spending weeks or months going back and forth with other people in your company, making changes, then changing stuff back then trying to change something else doesn't make sense.

Just do your best and send it.

Here Are The Facts:

If you spend ages on the project and it fails you've wasted a lot of time that could have been better spent trying a different approach.

And if it does well, that's great, but you still can't be sure if an earlier iteration would have done as well or better than the one you sent - so you can't know if you've left money on the table or not.

The best policy is to get it done, put it out there and make your decision about how to proceed based on real-world results.

If you need help getting your project done and and out the door get in touch today. I've done this for ten years and know how to make things happen.


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