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How I Set And Achieve Big Goals (The Smart Way)

I run my own business so I need to be able to set and achieve specific goals related to revenue growth or I can't pay the bills and keep my 5-year-old daughter in Wonder Woman toys. I've got to figure out what tasks are important and how to get them done to make sure my copywriting services keep generating a good income.

Over the years, through a lot of trial and error, I learned the best way to set down my plans and execute. I started out experimenting with business goals but today I use the same approach for most of my personal goals as well.

The method I use is easy and it works.

Maybe you've already mastered goal-setting and have your own techniques that work for you. If so that's fantastic. But maybe you find yourself noting down plans for the future every New Year and then after time passes realize your well-intentioned plans went nowhere.

If that's the case I hope this might be helpful. I know when I changed my approach it was a revelation and I've been doing it this way ever since.

Let's go!

I think most people think of goals in terms of concrete results. So - lose 10 pounds or make $20,000 more this year or read 50 books - whatever. They are very specific and either you succeed or you don't.

This is how I used to set goals.

I found the first problem is I'd set a number of very challenging goals that would be practically impossible to achieve over any sort of reasonable timeline. So right off the bat I'd have 10 major goals or whatever and best case I'd only be able to achieve say, 4 or 5 of them.

For example, I might say I'm going to earn 6 figures this year as one goal. Great! But it takes a lot of planning, work and time to actually achieve a goal like that. So if I had a bunch of equally challenging goals (put on 20 pounds of muscle, read 50 books, learn the art of French cooking or whatever) there's no way to succeed unless you're a pretty incredible human being. So one day you look up and you haven't really made any headway on most of your plans - not the most inspiring feeling. You might even give up or sort of forget about the goals in time.

Anyway, the point is I'd set myself up for failure.

How I Create Goals Now: Process & Micro Steps

The first major shift I made was to forget about the end result and focus on the process. So I might have a goal in mind but rather than focus on that, I focus on creating a repeatable process that will take me in the right direction. If I focus on process and execute consistently, I will likely get to where I want to go. At the very least I will be in a much better position then when I set out.

As an example: The general goal might be I want to be much stronger and fitter than I am now.

So I create micro steps I can consistently execute and build up small, daily wins that propel me forward.

Using the fitness example I'd say, "Ok what do I need to do to get stronger and fitter?"

Obviously I need to workout at the gym. I also need to get my diet in order. I will likely need to do some sort of aerobic activity.

Now the microsteps:

Get Stronger and Fitter

For the Gym Workout:

  • Find a workout program that will allow me to go to the gym 4 - 5 times per week.

  • Buy a notebook and fill in the program.

  • Create a weekly schedule.

  • Ensure my daily task list includes the gym on relevant days.

  • Execute.

For the Diet:

  • Consult with a reputable personal trainer or bodybuilder for an effective diet or a diet framework.

  • Create a daily meal schedule.

  • Determine ingredients required and buy them.

  • Cook, portion and freeze meals to make the process more manageable.

  • Maintain 95% diet compliance.

For the Aerobic Activity:

  • Walk 30 minutes a day during spring, summer and autumn.

  • Ride a stationary bike 20 mins a day during winter.

So it boils down to some pretty simple stuff. A few of the tasks are one-offs, finding a workout program, consulting a bodybuilder for a diet. The rest are simple small daily or weekly tasks. Meal prep, workout, eat on schedule. Either you do them or you don't.

By breaking it all down into these micro steps you are going to get consistent daily wins and eventually get to where you want to be.

Achieving goals this way might not be easy because ultimately you have to make the effort but it sure is a simple approach.

I just focus on process each day. One small step at a time. And I found that I start to build incredible momentum no matter what goal I'm trying to achieve.

I really hope you find this post helpful. If you ever need to achieve marketing goals, please get in touch with me today.

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