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3 Easy Steps To Multiply Sales

There's a really easy way to increase sales.

I've watched revenue go up by 25% - 50% on multiple campaigns through a very simple change in how you interact with customers.

This approach can make people a bit uncomfortable because it goes against some common 'wisdom' in the marketing world. This 'wisdom' is like one of those terminators in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies - it's usually very bad, will hurt you and it doesn't seem to die no matter what.

In this case, it's the idea that you shouldn't email people too much or you might upset them. They might even get angry!

I'm going to explain how to increase sales in a second but in terms of email and upsetting people, don't worry about it too much. If someone likes you they won't mind if you email them regularly and if they don't like you, they are probably ignoring your emails anyway. Having those people unsubscribe won't hurt you.

There's a very well know copywriter specializing in emails called Ben Settle. Ben emails his list every day and in every single email he makes a sales pitch. He basically does what everyone else avoids like the plague. But this guy knows his stuff because he's lived and breathed email for many years. Recently he did a joint venture where he emailed his list around 10 times over a three day period. I can't find the email right this second so the numbers may not be accurate to the dollar. But they did about 1000 sales on a $20 product. I believe he mentioned there were about 200 unsubscribes during the campaign.

His question was a good one: Would you trade 200 unsubs for $20,000? I would.

You probably deal in products or services that cost more than $20 - the question remains. If this tactic worked for you would you use it?

If your answer is yes (or maybe) then read on...

You don't have to be like Ben Settle and email people every single day. But it is highly advisable to email them multiple times when you're running a promotion. And here's where the number 3 comes in.

If you increase your email campaign from one communication to your list to 3 emails you will see more sales. As I said above, I've seen sales grow by as much as 50% when an additional two emails were sent after the initial one.

There are some techniques that will ensure you get your emails opened, you can read about that here.


If you have a campaign coming up and want to maximize your sales, contact me today.


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