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How To Get Your Marketing Emails Opened!

Before a sale happens, someone has to read your marketing material. If they don't you're going to have a tough time making any money.

Email is a medium pretty much everyone is aware of as a good marketing tool - at least if it's used properly.

So what do you have to do to get someone to actually take notice of your email marketing and open it?

You need a hard-hitting subject line that grabs attention and compels a click!

Without that you haven't got a prayer.

There are many small tricks and tactics you can use, but those I'll leave for another blog post. For now, I want to let you know how to come up with ideas for subject lines. And to do that, I'm going to talk about the most effective approaches to writing subject lines.


If you're wondering what qualifies me to talk about this subject, I've written around 150 email marketing campaigns over the past two years. Probably about 350 individual emails, and overall I've been very successful in terms of both marketing and business metrics.

Whatever - let's get into the meat and potatoes.

There are 3 Subject Line Types that work best.

I've shamelessly 'stolen' this from legendary copywriter John Caples who applied it to headlines.

Okay, so here are the 3 best approaches to creating effective subject lines:

1.) Self-Interest

2.) News

3.) Curiosity

Some examples:

  • How To Improve Your Memory In One Evening

  • The Powerful 'Secret' To Asking For A Pay Raise

  • An Easy Way To Cut Your Vacation Costs In Half

  • Announcing: A Cure For Migraines

  • New Course Shows How To Speak Spanish In Days

  • Do You Have This 'Hidden Treasure' In Your Home?

  • Why Don't You Try This?

If you are able to keep in mind one of the three approaches above you'll have a much better chance of people opening your emails. You can use these techniques individually or combine them for what could be an even stronger subject line.

Have an email campaign coming up and want a winner? Get in touch today.


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