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What’s The One Thing Guaranteeing Business Success?

Here’s a question for you:

If you were going to open a hamburger stand, what is the one thing you would want to guarantee success?

A well-known, semi-handsome marketing pro asked his audience this exact question.

Here is a sample of the answers:

  • Good quality beef

  • A great location

  • Recognizable branding

  • A fun gimmick

  • Fast service

  • Cheap prices

All of the answers make sense and could absolutely help your burger stand succeed.

But none of these would guarantee you success.

So, what was the marketer’s answer?


As soon as you read that answer you know it’s 100% bang on.

All the other things don’t matter if you have a group of people who are desperate for your product.

They’ll wait ages for their food, eat crappy beef, won’t care about your brand and so on.

Now it’s likely you don’t sell hamburgers and may not have a literal ‘starving crowd’, but this is such an important lesson for everyone who wants more success.

The most critical aspect of your marketing is finding your ‘starving crowd’ - the specific people who are in the market for whatever you sell.

Because you can have brilliant copy or design, be advertising on different platforms and mediums (digital, print, social, whatever…) but if you aren’t talking to the right people you’re doomed.

If you find the right audience, you don’t even need ‘brilliant’ advertising - all you need is basic competence.


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